On the Good Foot: Hidden (2015)

Two weeks ago I watched Stranger Things. I was hooked right from the X-Filesesque opening scene. By the end of the first episode I was in love. I am a glutton have problems with my addictive behaviors. So, as a junkie eight episodes just wasn’t enough. I had to find everything the Duffer Brothers ever made. My cursory Google search uncovered Hidden and Wayward Pines. Only two! Feh! Oh well, better than nothing I supposed. Continue reading

The NeverEnding Story

Memories: The NeverEnding Story

As a child I loved The NeverEnding Story. Yet, while I waited for the anniversary screening my powers of recall betrayed those memories. Namely, the specifics of the plot were vague. The more I tried to remember the more I was surprised to find that there was precious little about the story, aside from Falkor, Rockbiter, and the horse sinking in the muck, that I recalled. Continue reading