Get Out

All Joking Aside: Get Out (2017)

As a white guy I can’t actually know what it is like for a black person living in America; I can only imagine and even then only in a very limited way. I understand inequality. I understand the unspoken caste system masked behind the hypocritical rhetoric that proclaims: “freedom for all.” I understand that everyone falls somewhere in the continuum of haves and have nots, with black Americans making up a disproportionate number of the have nots. Understanding these is Get Out‘s starting gate. Continue reading

On the Good Foot: Hidden (2015)

Two weeks ago I watched Stranger Things. I was hooked right from the X-Filesesque opening scene. By the end of the first episode I was in love. I am a glutton have problems with my addictive behaviors. So, as a junkie eight episodes just wasn’t enough. I had to find everything the Duffer Brothers ever made. My cursory Google search uncovered Hidden and Wayward Pines. Only two! Feh! Oh well, better than nothing I supposed. Continue reading

Jason Borne

Did I Stroke Out: Jason Borne (2016)

It has taken me almost a month to wrap my head around Jason Borne. No, it’s not a complicated movie. Actually it’s straight forward. My problem processing it is due to the pacing. Jason Borne is so break neck I never had a chance to get a grip. It threw my head back in my seat like a supercharged Hemi jumping off the line and never gave up. When the end credits rolled all I was left with was a blur.

This is what I remember (keep in mind my blood was pooled at the back of my head so I might not have all the details just right): Continue reading