Kong: Skull Island

Kong’s Actually in the Film: Kong: Skull Island (2017)

When I heard about Kong: Skull Island I thought, Warner Brothers is giving the kaiju genre a reboot. Okay, I’m in. Not that that’s a huge vote of confidence. I mean, who am I, right? Eschewing the self-deprecation, in saying I’m in I was just voicing my decision that I was willing to bet my $10 that Kong: Skull Island was worth 10 bucks. Still, my tastes favor big Hollywood blockbuster films, sometimes against my better judgement (can you say Transformers?). But… the trailer for Kong: Skull Island was intriguing: King Kong vs the US Army circa the Vietnam War. Thing is, quite often trailers are far better than the movies they are promoting. Continue reading

The NeverEnding Story

Memories: The NeverEnding Story

As a child I loved The NeverEnding Story. Yet, while I waited for the anniversary screening my powers of recall betrayed those memories. Namely, the specifics of the plot were vague. The more I tried to remember the more I was surprised to find that there was precious little about the story, aside from Falkor, Rockbiter, and the horse sinking in the muck, that I recalled. Continue reading

Pete's Dragon

I Want a Dragon: Pete’s Dragon (2016)

Pete’s Dragon reawakened my child-like wonder of the world. It is the story of a magical friendship that’s so wondrous it can only live for a short time. And though I knew exactly what I was in for, every step of the way, it softened my adult facade. When the inevitable time came, I teared up.

In a time of terrible remakes, Pete’s Dragon proves remakes can be fantastic. Continue reading