Sir Patrick Stewart Said the N-Word: Green Room (2016)

When I first heard about Green Room I though, “Eh, maybe.” Then I saw the trailer. Sir Patrick Stewart playing a skinhead neo-nazi. Sign me up! I couldn’t wait to see him stretch way beyond the roles I’m used to seeing him play.


He was not quite the “horrible cunt” that I was expecting, i.e. a nasty bastard like Alan Ford’s Brick House in Snatch. Don’t get me wrong, Sir Patrick Stewart was excellent, he just was not quite foul enough for such a character.

The person he plays needs to walk a fine line between being civilized, in order to hide what he is doing, and being the head of a group of backwoods, white power scumbags. Make no mistake, these are some terrible human beings. The things they do are brutal and the way this movie depicts them is unrelenting and shocking. Be prepared to be physically uncomfortable.

So, because the people that Darcy (Stewart) is surrounded by are so savage, his proper nature seem soft and less convincing.

That said, he does use the N word, which is quite startling coming from Sir Patrick Stewart. Thankfully it’s not thrown around like in Tarantino’s films, which would have not only been gratuitous, but offensive. It’s use was just right considering the character and situation. But, take that last statement with a grain of salt because I am a white male so I’m not properly suited to actually make that call. Though I’m willing to bet it would past mustard.

Bottom line, Green Room is a seriously hard core movie. An edge-of-your-seat, white-knuckle thriller that gets to the action quickly and keeps you twisted up until the last frame of the movie.

Questions? Concerns? Comments?

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