It’s a Love Affair: Deadpool (2016)

Picture this: Ryan Reynolds playing catcher to a strap-on festooned Morena Baccarin emblazoned on the big screen. Push in to Reynolds’ face. It tightens into a grimace as his whole body pushes forward.

“Uhn uh. No.” he says quietly. To himself? To us?

No indeed.

Still, that is the existential image of Valentine’s Day for today’s modern world. Bully for you, Mr. Reynolds, for taking one for the team to bring us that raw, yet tender, vignette.

Impressive. Most impressive.

Deadpool is not going to win any awards, but it does do well by the source material, as the previous description hopefully demonstrated. (If you are a fan of the comic it did. If you are new to the character, that’s the kind of guy Deadpool is.) In doing the source justice it should win accolades from the fans, and, with any luck, secure funding for Deadpool II.

If it doesn’t, fuck the lot of ya!

While it is not going to win any major awards, it was a relief that it turned out to be an entertaining movie. I was half worried that the studio had dumped it in February, instead of giving it a summer release, because it was a pile of shit. Anyone care to remember Green Lantern? Deadpool hits its beats in the standard, tried-and-true form. Formulaic, yes, but the formula is there for a reason, because it works.

In the case of a movie like Deadpool that’s perfect. Give it a good frame and then let the pop culture satire, violence, breaking the fourth wall, and fart jokes rip. Those are exactly what a Deadpool movie should be. It lies squarely at the crude end of the spectrum. Thankfully, it never tries to get lofty. It is comfortable in its own skin, and that, like the first constitutional of the day, is very refreshing.

That being the case, the question is, does the movie deliver more than the moments in the trailer? Yes, it does. The only problem is the way trailers are made. They tend to show too much. Though they are only a fraction of the runtime of the film, it feels like you have seen way more of the movie than you actually have if you watched the trailer, or trailers.

Bottom line, Deadpool is Family Guy meets Quentin Tarantino. If either of those is not your cup of Monkey Picked White Tea, by all means avoid this movie. It will offend, causing the various sphincters to convulse, and make afternoon leisure thoroughly unsatisfactory. If either of those is the swill that ding a ding dangs your ding a dong ling long, then you’ll dig it.

And, yeah, stay for the stinger at the end. If Deadpool II does get greenlit, the stinger’s suggestion would be pretty freakin’ sweet.

Questions? Concerns? Comments?

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