What If: Avengers Age of Ultron

Hulk Yis

Tomorrow, Friday, May 1, 2015 at 12:01 a.m. Avengers: Age of Ultron drops. As a comic book enthusiast, summer movie fan, and a lover of what Marvel has been doing with their movies, I am like a child hopped up on Red Bull in the car waiting to go get a new puppy.

So, this is my last chance to lay out my hopes for what Age of Ultron will set up.

Note: All you comic/movie geeks and know-it-all trolls, this is my ultimate fantasy. I’m sure none of this is possible, much less likely, so save yourself some stress and don’t read on.

Trailer Number 2, above, and the original “teaser” are the only two trailers I’ve seen. I like to deliberately keep myself in the dark so as to be as surprised as I can be in the theater as the film is playing. But one thing I picked up on, one of the subplots with the Hulk, I think will be significant in the overall story/universe Marvel is planning.

At the one minute mark there’s a tender moment between Hulk and Black Widow, hinting at something possibly amorous, but at the very least suggesting she cares deeply for Hulk/Banner. We’ve seen her devotion in Avengers for Hawkeye. What could this moment signify?

Well, I’m thinking it has something to do with the friction at about 1:10 between Hulk and Iron Man, in the Hulk buster armor. While this is going to be an awesome fight, it proposes a devastating point of contention in the super hero world. Meaning, things are bad enough with Ultron going haywire, but one of the mightiest of heroes needing to be contained? Eh! That’s not going to go over well with the neighbors. All of which sets up the Civil War story in the next Captain America.

Ultimately, how do you stop the Hulk? Presumably no one is going to kill him, nor do they want to. There’s no containing him, not indefinitely. So, the only option left is to send him away. To do this is going to take everyone. Would this explain Black Widow’s teary moment? There is a definite regret in her look.

Hmm. Send the Hulk away…

Okay, here’s where my dreams kick in.

This was the premise of Planet Hulk, yes? I know it’ll can’t or won’t happen, but think about it for a second. FINALLY the opportunity to have the Hulk be the Hulk—a giant green rage monster wrecking shit—for most of the movie. Banner said his secret is, “He’s always angry.” So no need for convoluted contrivances to get him going. Just give him some big nasties that need an ass-whupin’ and let him loose.

I’m not saying give it to Michael Bay. We don’t need the complete opposite end of the spectrum from Ang Lee. For Christ’s sake, Hollywood SHOULD be able to make a decent Hulk SMASH flick, amirite? Yes, I am.

Again, I’m sure there’s no way in hell it’ll happen, but man wouldn’t that be something awesome to look forward to?

A guy dream.

Questions? Concerns? Comments?

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