Kundo: Age of the Rampant (2014)

Killing Spree

I used to love the Saturday double feature. Sometimes it was Kaiju (Godzilla, etc.). Sometimes it was Westerns. Sometimes it was Kung Fu. I would spend the rest of my weekend fighting giant monsters, or villainous cowboys, or Kung Fu Masters. It wasn’t peace, love, and good happiness stuff, but it was harmless fun. Well, except for the landscaping (bushes and trees) which took the brunt of my Kung Fool skills.

I watched Kundo yesterday. I was transported back to those good ole days of my youth. Kundo is the quintessential Kung Fu and/or Western—i.e. plot, they killed his’n family and oppressed the people, and theme, revenge. Sometimes the only real difference between the two genres is setting. I mean, everybody knows how John Sturges’ The Magnificent Seven is a Westernization (is that a word?) of Akira Kurosara’s The Seven Samurai, right?

The Butcher

Here are some highlights (sans spoilers):

  • The score is that of a Western. Fits perfectly.
  • Dolmuchi’s, The Butcher, weapon of choice is his augmented meat cleavers, seen above.
  • Gatling gun in a carved wooden lion (the gun spits burlets out of the mouth).
  • Each of the main characters gets a Tarantino-esque stylized freeze-frame introducing them and specialized attacks/weapons.
  • Much ass-kicking!

Here, check out the trailer (that is, until someone yanks it for copyright infringement):

Questions? Concerns? Comments?

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