Ang Lee’s Hulk All Over Again: Godzilla (2014)

When one goes to the theater to see a two-hour movie titled Godzilla, one expects to see more than 10 minutes of the titular character. Sadly, if you plan on seeing the new Godzilla prepare to be greatly disappointed.

The little there is of Godzilla is pretty awesome. At least the special effects won’t let you down. Thing is, most of the action runs about 30 seconds then it’s back to the other story, namely Ford Brody (Aaron Taylor-Johnson) making good where his father, Joe Brody (Bryan Cranston), failed. Either of these would be entertaining, Gozilla or Ford Brody’s story, but when spliced together, they leave the audience wondering, “WTF?”

Yes, there needs to be some story, not just mindless death and destruction, but only so much as to get the audience to the point of basking in the awesomeness that is Godzilla fighting other equally devastating Kaiju.

The problem is the movie mainly tells Ford’s story, and Godzilla’s place in the tale is, at best, contrived.  Joe’s loses everything because of his frantic search for the truth behind a melt-down at the nuclear plant he oversaw. Ford’s struggle mirrors his father’s, albeit set in different circumstances. As far as stories go, is a great plot—that is, for a different movie, NOT one about a giant monster that wrecks shit. Making said kaiju the impetus for the father/son story is weak. Really weak.

What in the hell is wrong with Hollywood? Seriously. How can Hollywoods not get A GIANT MONSTER THAT WRECKS SHIT right?

As my title states, Godzilla is Ang Lee’s Hulk all over again. The good parts are so few and far between. Worst of all, after all the disappointment of the movie, it ends with everyone smiley and happy because Godzilla has saved the day. Are you fucking kidding me? AS IF Godzilla gives one squirt of piss about us. Moreover, as if ‘Merica would be cool with a giant monster that just destroyed most of one of our major cities running loose in the world.

Give us a break. There’s only so far anyone can suspend their disbelief.

So. Disappointing.

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