Better Than the First One: Captain America: Winter Soldier (2014)

Better than the first one. That doesn’t say much at all, does it? Let me be more specific. Captain America: The Winter Soldier managed to stay true to the logic of the universe it created. My biggest gripe, which completely took me out of the first movie was Nazi having laser guns. Not the fact that Nazi (in the real world) didn’t have laser guns ‘cos that’s stupid. I can suspend my disbelief with super soldier serum but not lasers? The problem was this: the world went from having lasers in WWII to regular old burlet guns in 2011?

Before I digress further into a review of Captain America: The First Avenger, let me sum up the experience by saying it’s a fun, action-packed Summer film. If you like this genre, you’ll definitely want to check out Captain America: The Winter Soldier in the theaters.

Hollywood, and more specifically this film’s makers, is really thanking Snowden for revealing the NSA as ease-dropping douche bags. Lots of Summer blockbuster films, the kinds with explosions, are made using grand conspiracies as part of the plot. These themes add a bit of weight by raising questions about the moral and ethical lines of espionage, military actions, and the like. But now that Big Brother really is watching everything we do, these films feel more important, even if they are just jocks punching one another.

And then there’s Scarlet Johansson. Mmmmmm. She’s purdy.

Here’s a couple easter eggs to look/listen for: First, an up-to-this-point unnamed marvel hero is mentioned. Second, read the epitaph on [?]’s tombstone, a homage to Tarantino, which was an homage to Chiba. And surely there’s more, but the scene I’m thinking of has so many things flashing on the screen it’s hard to make any one thing out. Have to wait for the DVD to know for sure.

Finally, I do have a couple grippy questions. Thankfully it only involves the after credits short. And no, there are no spoilers here. Why are the super secret bad guy lairs, the one’s with the REAL super secret stuff, always in some shit-hole cave? And how are such places that better at keeping things secret than all the super advanced technology, stuff that can pin point a needle in a haystack from outer space on the opposite side of the Earth?

Oh well, it’s always sumptin’, right?

Questions? Concerns? Comments?

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