What an Horrible Vision of Post-Apocalypse Life: Divergent (2014)

I have watched, and enjoyed, my fair share of post-apocalyptic films. None have been as distressing as the one portrayed in Divergent, namely: after all the mess shakes out “civilized society” will be a reversion to high school cliques. How depressing is that.

Just. Fuckin’. Kill. Me.

According to The Founders, the best way to keep peace is to segregate everyone according to their aptitude. There are five factions:

    • Candor – lawyers busy talking shit
    • Erudite – science and computer stuff
    • Dauntless – police, sort of (more later)
    • Abnigation – missionaries
    • Amity – hippy farmers
    • Factionless – those who don’t fit in elsewhere, i.e. bums.

The segregation is so severe that the saying is “Faction before Family.” That is, if you’re in a different faction from your family you no longer interact with them. The factions keep to themselves. If there’s any trouble Dauntless steps in. Well, that is, that’s what we’re told. All we really see is a bunch of tattooed, black-wearing dare devils jumping on/off moving trains, climbing up the sides of buildings, and engaging in other parkour type stuff. ‘Cos a police force isn’t shit if they aren’t cool doods, amirite?

All things considered, Divergent is a well made hero’s journey. It’s awesome that the lead is a female. And what’s more, there’s LURV in there but not the throbbing purple puppy bullshit that one usually gets in these films.

I don’t know that I would recommend seeing this in the theater, unless you’re a teen. But if you should happen to get talked into it, or if you come across it on cable/Netflix, it’s not all together bad, even if you’re a curmudgeonly old bastard like me.

Questions? Concerns? Comments?

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