Like When Your First French Kiss Turned Out to be With Your Uncle Frank: Kick Ass 2 (2013)


Then again, everything is awkward in high school when you’re a comic book geek, the whole Uncle Frank thing notwithstanding. That’s a whole FML kettle of fish best left to years of professional therapy.

Before I digress any further let me put this out there: Kick Ass 2 is not Kick Ass.

No. Shit.

What I mean is Kick Ass 2 does not repeat the light-hearted formula from the original. Kick Ass 2 is dark. There are comical moments, but the overall mood is far more grim. While I think this works for a couple reasons, it might turn people off who are looking for more of the same thing from the previous film.

Kick Ass 2 picks up a couple years later. Life has been relatively normal for Dave (Aaron Taylor-Johnson) and Mindy (Chloë Grace Moretz)—as normal as high school can be for anyone. Problem is, neither of them is a normal high school student. By the end of Kick Ass they had just managed to get comfortable in their own skin, albeit their skin under their spandex suits.  Now they have to get comfortable in their exposed skin. This is particularly difficult for the introverted, homeschooled Mindy.

Her first experience of the real world is high school? Chirst on his throne! Getting thrust into a gang fight with only a pen knife was a vacation by comparison. Mindy is no longer the seemingly invincible crime fighter, she is the fish out of water high school student. Sleepovers. Makeup. Dates. Oh My! She can handle criminal thugs, but can she take a group of Heathers?

Then there’s Dave, or rather, Kick Ass, who is finding that the crime fighting life isn’t the same without a companion like Hit Girl. Not content to turn in his cowl, Kick Ass goes looking for others to team up with. Luckily he inspired plenty of people to don a crime fighting personae. While they’re hearts are in the right place, they are still not super heroes, not like Hit Girl.

All the while Chris D’Amico (Christopher Mintz-Plasse) is planning his revenge on Kick Ass for sploiding his father with a bazooka. This brings the darkness, and rightfully so. Chris was obviously unhinged to begin with, but having seen his father get blown to bits has unscrewed the hinges completely.

“How bad could he be?” you rightly ask. “It’s McLovin’ for Christ’s sake!”

Well, where he might be lacking in any physical skills, or mental acuity for that matter, Chris has money. Lots of money. And a family that is connected to the baddest criminal elements. Money and connections goes a LONG way towards making one a super criminal. In Chris’s case it buys him a team of maniacs. Suits and secret lair secured, the hilarity really hits the fan.

Oh yeah, and then there’s Colonel Menstrual Cycle (Jim Carrey), but he’s to busy blubbering about violence while cashing his paycheck to affect the film in any noticeable way.

Bleeding vagina aside, this movie is a fun, albeit dark, continuation of the Kick Ass franchise. Well worth checking out, but it’s definitely not the feel-good film of the summer.

Questions? Concerns? Comments?

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