Enough Already: World War Z (2013)

Disclaimer: I have not read the book nor do I care how little the movie was faithful to the book. My feeling about World War Z is based solely on the movie.

I took my stepson with me to see World War Z. This was the only reason I went to see it at all. I’ve been a fan of the zombie genre from my early teens (way back in the 80’s), so I don’t write this lightly: zombie movies need a face full of buckshot like the monsters depicted therein. It doesn’t matter how much money in the budget, what big named star is attached, nor whether it’s based on an insanely popular book, the genre is tired. Step outside and throw a rock and you’re likely to hit some indie filmmaker working on his/her second zombie movie.

Enough for Christ’s sake!

That said, World War Z is a decent zombie movie. The film never explains where the zombie virus came from, though it does hint at it—Captain Planet “we’re destroying the environment” bullshit. Thank Christ they didn’t bother going into the origin in detail. We’re there to be entertained, not to be told how to vote. Instead, it gets right into the zombie chaos. Sweet!

World War Z‘s saving grace is the zombies’ weakness. Yeah, a bullet to the head will put them down, but considering that there are multi-billion zombies, head shots are about as useful as a single can of Lysol in a frat house on Taco Bell night. I’ll not spoil it, but I will say this is a fresh take on how to deal with zombies. And no, it’s not some dumb ass move like “Love” cures death in the undead.

Now, while I said big stars wouldn’t make a zombie movie more appealing, I will admit that if you’re going to have a big name make it Brad Pitt. I mean, come on, he is easy on the eyes. And no matter how heterosexual a guy acts, there’s no denying the wet spot men leave behind in Pitt’s wake.

While Pitt might have added aesthetically to the movie, the CGI did not. The swarming zombie hoards was too much. Luckily most of the movie isn’t what you see in the trailers. Actually, the trailers show most of the swarms, so the actual screen time, compared to the entirety of the movie, is quite low.

If you’re an uptight fan of the book, steer clear of World War Z. Otherwise, even if you’re down on the genre, it’s worth checking out. Maybe not full price, but it’s at least worth matinee fare.

Questions? Concerns? Comments?

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